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28 July 2016 | Financial Guidance

Debt reality check: Sort it now to save heart ache later!

Overspending is a pretty easy thing to do in the modern world. Unlike previous generations, we’re no longer restricted to spending the money we already have.

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20 July 2016 | Financial Guidance

Your free ticket to a cheaper future

With ClearScore celebrating its first birthday last week, we wanted to take a brief moment to run through a quick credit score guide and explain why you should jump on the band wagon and get free access to your credit score.

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12 July 2016 | Financial Guidance

Financial Guidance:
Re-mortgage alternatives for "Happy Trackers"

Since the FCA and the EU commission triggered the launch of new affordability measures in the UK, the resulting "Mortgage Prisoners" have had a lot of coverage. And rightly so! Being locked out of better and cheaper deals on the basis of affordability, is not in the best interest of UK consumers.

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5 July 2016 | Financial Guidance

Financial Guidance: Beware of ERCs, the hidden cost that could set you back £1000’s

When shopping for financial products, particularly on comparison websites, the easiest point of comparison is the Annual Percentage Rate (APR). But the smallest APR doesn’t always translate to being the cheapest product, especially when it comes to mortgages.

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