How it works

With you every step of the way.

Finding the right secured or bridging loan used to be really hard work. We’ve streamlined the experience to just 5 simple steps.

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Your application

We will get in touch with you when we receive your application. This is to talk you through the process and get any additional details we might need. We will always keep everything as simple for you as possible, making sure not to take up much of your time.

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Your options

You will be presented with a handpicked list from our vast range of lending options. Together we will discuss and decide on the most suitable loan option that works for your unique circumstances.

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The paperwork

We will provide you with a written illustration for any option you chose - and once you are ready to go ahead we will begin the process to get your loan completed.

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Final checks

Once we have collected all the paperwork, we will work with your chosen lender to ensure that the legal work and any valuation required are completed without delay.

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The lender will contact you directly to confirm everything. Once this has been done you will receive a mortgage offer - sign and return this to the lender and you’re done. The funds will be paid direct into your bank account by direct transfer and you can get on with your project.

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