Loan Guides

That’s why we’ve put together a team who are committed to making your experience with us unlike any other broker in the market.

Part of this experience is making sure that each and every one of our customers knows exactly what is involved in taking out a secured or bridging loan. What it can be used for, how it works, how to manage your loan and how to make sure your finances stay in check.

In order to make sure of this we have put together a series of Loan Guides to help our customers understand these aspects as clearly as possible.

Throughout the guides, we will look at your credit score, debt consolidation and how your second mortgage can be used to improve your home and increase its value.

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Credit Score

Your credit score is an important part of modern life, and is essential to your finances. However, not everyone may be aware of this. In this part of our loan guides, we will explain what your credit score is, how it works and how it can affect you. On top of this, we offer advice on how you can improve your credit score as well as ways to manage your money. We will also provide advice to help you fully understand what you’re borrowing and how the process works.

What is a credit rating?

Improving your credit score

Managing your money

Know what you're borrowing

Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation is a term that is often seen on television commercials or internet advertisements, but what exactly is debt consolidation? In this section of our loan guides, we will look to give you a clear and comprehensive explanation of exactly what debt consolidation is and how it works. We will also provide advice on how you can comfortably manage your debt and what the best practises are for actually paying off the debt.

How to manage your debt

Understanding debt consolidation

Paying off your debt

Debt consolidation with bad credit

Home Improvement

There are many ways in which you can use your second mortgage, but one of the most popular and even rewarding ways is to use it to improve your home. Home improvements can not only make your home look and feel nicer, but they can also increase the value of your property, making for a wise investment. However, with anything, there are considerations that need to be made when undertaking home improvements and we want to make sure you don’t leave anything overlooked.

Home improvement considerations

Your guide to home improvements

Your home renovation guide

Increasing the value of your home