What to consider when making home improvements

Need more space? A new kitchen? Or a complete property overhaul? You don’t have to move house to turn these dreams into a reality.

Home improvements can transform your current property without the stress and expense of moving! And there are plenty of ways to improve your home that will not only enhance your day to day life, but also increase the value of your home.

So, what should you consider when it comes to home improvements?


If space is an issue, or you just want a bit more of it, an extension may be the answer. You can extend your property (subject to planning permission) outwards or upwards.

A loft conversion, for example, will give you added floor space and turn otherwise wasted space into a fully-functioning room. And not only will you have that extra space, but you can often find that it increases the value of your home too.

A new kitchen or bathroom

Fitting a new bathroom or kitchen is a significant investment in your home. Unless you’re a dab hand at DIY, you’ll probably need to call in the professionals to do a lot of the work.– But it is worth it – these two rooms are often focal points in the house and if well maintained will add significant value.

New central heating or double glazing

A new central heating system or double glazing are great for improving and maintaining the upkeep of your home. It can also help make your home more energy efficient by retaining more heat. As well as having the positive effect of reducing the amount you pay on your heating bill a new central heating system or new double glazing can also increase the price of your property.

Redecorating your home

You don’t always have to make drastic changes to improve your home. Instead of knocking down walls, you can pick up a paintbrush instead. Redecorating can instantly make your home more appealing and as well as making it more attractive to any potential buyers. A quick makeover can very often change the perception of your property completely.

When considering home improvements, it can be useful to think like someone who is considering buying your house. What would make you want to buy it? What would make you hesitate? Will your planned improvements help? Remember, some changes may not increase the value of your property as not all future buyers will appreciate them.

If your property is old, maintenance should be your priority. You need to make sure that the wiring and the electrical systems are safe, and that gas appliances aren’t hazardous to use. If you don’t see to essential maintenance and general upkeep on a regular basis, problems can build and the value of your home will decrease year on year.