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Who can apply for a Secured Loan?
Getting a Secured loan with loan.co.uk couldn’t be any easier. We find loans for people just like you who are looking for a smart way to manage their debts, improve their homes, pay for their wedding or have that dream holiday.
You’re eligible to apply for a secured loan with loan.co.uk if you can answer yes to the following things:

I’m a homeowner
As long as you own your own home and it’s worth at least £75,000, you’re eligible to apply for a loan.co.uk secured loan today.

I’m currently in employment or self employed
If you’re in employment or self employed with a regular income, you’re eligible.

I’ve got equity in my property
Because your loan will be secured against your home, you’ll need to have equity in your property.

I’ve got an excellent, good or a poor credit rating
Whatever your credit rating, loan.co.uk will endeavour to find you the most competitive rate.

Secured Loans Calculator table



Monthly payment
over 5 Yrs

Monthly payment
over 10 Yrs

Monthly payment
over 15 Yrs

£ 7,500


£ 149.22

£ 87.86

£ 68.25

£ 15,000


£ 298.44

£ 175.71

£ 136.51

£ 25,000


£ 497.39

£ 292.85

£ 227.51



Monthly payment
over 15 Yrs

Monthly payment
over 20 Yrs

Monthly payment
over 25 Yrs

£ 40,000


£ 328.79

£ 277.24

£ 247.84

£ 60,000


£ 493.18

£ 415.86

£ 371.76

£ 80,000


£ 657.58

£ 554.48

£ 495.68

Loan.co.uk's Secured Loan Calculator and table give you an example of your monthly repayments over various repayment terms and interest rates.

Secured Loans Calculator

Enter Secured Loan Information (numbers only):
1)  Amount of the loan :
2)  Annual rate of interest :
3)  Repayment period in years :

Payment Information :

4)  Your monthly payment will be :
5)  Your total payment will be :
6)  Your total interest payments will be :   
Please note that the Secured Loan Calculator above uses the annual rate of interest which is slightly different from the APR.
For 7.4% APR please input 7.2
For 5.7% APR
please input 5.592
Thanks Paul for all your help and advice. Its good to speak to someone who really knows their stuff. I was a bit nervous about taking out such a large Secured Loan but you put my mind at rest.
- Daniel, London

We can help even if you've missed payments or are self employed

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