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At relationships are important to us and we work hard to develop true partnerships with our introducers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can use our on line application form – refer a lead or you can complete our paper based application form or you can simply call us and give us the details. Which ever suits your process best we can work with. We can also call your customer for you, take all of the details and work directly with your client from there.

We pay you or your network (depending on the arrangement) the day after the loan completes for your customer. You get 50% of the broker fee plus the lender procuration fee minus the third party costs of processing.

You can do as much or as little as you like throughout the process. Some of our introducers like to control the relationship with the client as much as possible, which we can absolutely support. Others literally provide us with a name and address and tell the client we will call them. We update them regularly on the case but we deal directly with the client. The choice is yours. is one of the fastest growing loan companies in the UK. With you get the best of both worlds. You have a strong, consumer friendly brand with an infrastructure that is designed to support introducers. Our CEO Paul has been working in business to business sales for over 17 years and many of the team have come from this background. We are here to provide best in class service to you and your clients.

We are clear, transparent, fair and fast. We have unrivalled lender relationships (many of the staff used to work for the lenders) and we want your business.

How long does a second mortgage take to process?

Our average turnaround time for a deal is between 3 and 4 weeks. We can and have paid cases out within 16 days. Generally, however, we are waiting for information and documentation from the client, which is what holds the cases up. The consideration period we must give the customer slows the processing of the case down also.

Under current legislation it is your responsibility to decide that a second mortgage may be a viable option for your client. It is our responsibility to ensure that we provide information on the most suitable second mortgage for the client’s requirements.

Second mortgage rates are very competitive. At the time of writing annual rates start from 4.711%. The actual rate your client achieves will depend on the individual applicant details.

Under current legislation all second mortgage customers must receive a Consideration Period. Initially they receive their ‘Advance Copies’ and have 7 days to consider their options during which time we cannot make contact with them. After this period we then send out the ‘Signature Copies’ and the customer has a further 7 days. At no point during the initial 16 day period (14 days consideration and two days for postage) can we initiate contact with the customer other than to send the Signature Copies. The customer can obviously contact us at any point. Once the customer has returned the signed Signature Copies the consideration period is broken.

The accepted distribution channels by second mortgage lenders are second mortgage brokers. 95% of their business comes from second mortgage packagers. This may change with the advent of new legislation in March 2016 but for now this is where the majority of business is originated. The main reason is that most of the lenders don’t have the IT systems or the infrastructure to deal with customers directly.