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What is a development loan?

A development loan provides funding for property developers to start and complete their building projects. They can be for individuals or for companies.

How do they work for borrowers?

Development loans work similarly to standard, residential mortgages as they’re secured against the property or land. This provides the lender with the necessary security. However, they differ in two big ways, how the repayment is made and how the funds are released.

With a standard mortgage, the loan is provided in one lump sum. With a development loan, the funds are released in staged payments. This is known as phases of ‘drawdown’, the gradual release of the development funds. 

The structure of these drawdowns can vary from lender to lender and project to project. Typically, the first funds finance the purchase (if necessary) and the initial building work. This work continues until an agreed-upon stage. Then the development’s progress is inspected by the lender’s asset manager (internal valuer). If the asset manager is happy that the work meets their expected valuation, they sign off the release of the next phase of drawdown and so on until the development is completed.

Interest rates for development loans are fixed for the duration of the loan (they don’t go up and down in response to market changes) and are quoted as monthly.

The interest payments are usually ‘retained’ or ‘rolled up’. This means that the interest payments for the full term are calculated at the outset of the loan and added to the capital to create a single lump sum. Further interest is then added or ‘compounded’ – essentially interest on top of interest.

With this method of payment, you know how much the interest will cost you at the very beginning of the process. And you won’t need to worry about monthly instalments.

Will there be a limit to the amount I could potentially borrow?

The amount available varies by lender and will be influenced by the project and its location. Lenders will usually offer 65% of the purchase price of the land/property and up to 100% of the building costs.

One critical factor is the Gross Development Value (GDV) of your development. This is the estimated value that your property could fetch at sale once all of the development works are finished. It looks at recent sales of similar projects in the local area and uses that as a benchmark for sale value. (If you’re planning on renting your property, the GDV will be based on lettings information instead.)

Lenders tend to offer up to 65% of the GDV.

The GDV is used by the loan provider’s asset manager when assessing the development’s progress at every stage. They will check if the project is still meeting the GDV and, if so, ‘greenlights’ funds for the following stage.

At our development loans start at £50,000 and go all the way up to £100 million.

Will a deposit be required?

Up to 100% development loans may be available, but a lender can typically finance 50% of the purchase price of land/existing property and 70% of the build, so you would need to find around 50% of the amount needed to buy the land and around 30% of the build costs. This will depend on the lender and your circumstances.

Is there anything in particular lenders look when approving this type of loan?

Lenders will look at the eligibility of both you and the development when applying for a development loan.

Your eligibility

Lenders will expect you to have:

  1. Planning permission secured. Without full planning consent, providers are less keen to lend as it makes the project far riskier. Make sure you have all relevant planning documentation ready to show your lender right from the very beginning.
  2. Schedules, plans and drawings. Everything you need to start work on the project.
  3. Relevant development experience. Lenders look for a demonstrable and successful track record of similar development projects.

The development

 Lenders will also look at the development’s:

  1. Location. The lender will examine the local property market to understand what is selling and at what rate.
  2. Scale or type of building work. Lenders vary in their definition of development (for instance, where does heavy refurbishment stop and development start?). This can impact the suitability of this borrowing for your project. 

To help you to get your loan in place as soon as possible, you’ll need planning permission, a schedule of works and a cost schedule.

Which property development finance is right for me?

For professional developers, bridging loans and 100% development finance may be the best options. The experts at will be able to help you to find the most appropriate and most competitive finance for your project.

How does the repayment work?

Development loans are typically repaid in full at the end of the loan. The capital (money borrowed) and the interest are repaid through the sale or refinance of the development. Development loans can be repaid at any time during the term of the loan and most lenders won’t charge a penalty fee for early repayment.

Is there a set repayment time period?

Development loans usually span 6 to 18 months, depending on the size and nature of the project. At we offer development loans with terms ranging from one month to two years. 

What may happen if I encounter problems when repaying?

Your credit record and credit score would both be negatively impacted. What’s more you would put your development at risk.

Why should I select as my broker?

We’re building a reputation for our expertise in rapidly putting together finance for property development projects, arranging everything for you so that you can focus on getting your project built:

  1. We’ll find you the best development loan for you and your circumstances fast
  1. You will receive expert advice from an award-winning loan broker
  1. We’ll help you every step of the way until you get your funding

To get your development the best chance of getting the finance in place, you’re best using an experienced, independent property development loan broker such as so that you gain access to top lenders and the most competitive rates around.

We can also advise you on which types of development finance are best suited for your development and help you find the best deals currently available. What’s more, we can also advise you on the common issues that can delay your finance and how to avoid them.

With you can quickly arrange competitively priced development finance with the minimum of hassle, enabling you to focus on getting on your development.

We can help you find a loan, whatever the type of project

There are three main types of development project we can help you find funding with. Firstly, there is light refurbishment. In general, with a light refurbishment the main changes are mainly cosmetic instead of structural. Although, work may include upgrading floors and flooring, fixing plasterwork on ceilings and walls.

Then there’s heavy refurbishment or renovation. As well as cosmetic changes, this sort of project can including knocking down walls and building them in another location, partial demolition and rebuilding.

Thirdly, there’s ground-up development. This is the most complex type of property project because you start with purchasing a plot of land or a dilapidated building that may just include the (partial) shell of a building.

Minimum items required to secure your loan

To help you to get your loan in place as soon as possible, you’ll need planning permission, a schedule of works and a cost schedule.

Mezzanine finance

If you already have a loan in place to cover the majority of your building costs, but you’re looking to reduce the amount of your own money invested in your development project, may be able to help arrange a mezzanine loan.

A mezzanine loan sits behind the main loan as a second charge loan and can enable you to increase your borrowing on the project.

Whether you are a highly experienced property developer or about to take on your very first property development, our experts at are ready to help you get your project off the ground with a development loan.

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