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Ask the expert: How will Brexit impact

I am sure that many of you are concerned about the possible implications of the recent referendum results for the UK as a whole and the mortgage and finance markets in particular.

Am I shocked? Yes I am. I don’t think anyone, including those in the Leave Campaign team, really thought that the vote would go the way it did but it has and we all need to get on with business now.

How does the vote impact The answer is simple, it doesn’t.

It is very much business as usual as far as we are concerned. We continue to have the largest and most competitive panel of lenders in the UK and have access to a significant amount of funding for your customers.

We are here as normal whenever you need us to discuss how our lenders and their products can help you.

No doubt over the coming weeks we will see a lot of rumour and speculation about the impact of Brexit in the press. Huge change such as this brings uncertainty and with uncertainty very often comes fear and confusion but the reality of the situation is that until further notice the UK continues as it did before the vote.

There is a huge amount of planning and negotiating to be done between the UK and the rest of Europe over the coming weeks, months and even years. Until then it is business as usual.

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