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We’re delighted to announce that we were named the Best second mortgages Newcomer at the Loan Talk second mortgage Awards.

Staged at London’s 8 Northumberland Avenue and now in its second year, the programme recognises excellence across the second mortgages industry.We are incredibly proud to have won the award as we enter a key phase in the continued growth of win best newcomer award at Loan Talk second mortgage Awards win best newcomer award at Loan Talk second mortgage Awards

We believe the recognition reflects our commitment to offering a fully transparent service that puts the customer at the heart of the process.As we look ahead into 2015, we will maintain our objective of offering customers a simple, fair and flexible approach to borrowing money.We are very passionate and committed to building a business that helps and empowers our customers, creating an experience that’s unlike any other broker in the market.

Our customer insight tells us that people want a well-informed, hassle-free experience that cuts out the red tape, jargon and avoids any hidden costs.While borrowing money may not be the most exciting process, there is no absolutely no reason why we should not aspire to make it simple.

With this in mind, we are committed to finding the best rate possible for every customer, whilst providing them with a dedicated loan expert to support them from the first enquiry to the end of the loan period. We believe our investment in market leading technology, backed by our customer focus places us in a strong position to grow in line with the resurgence of the industry during 2015.

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