4-day homeowner loan from Loan.co.uk lets couple buy dream home

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After being turned down on their mortgage, this couple couldn’t buy their dream home.

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Dave Welk and Sarah Williams* had finally gotten a mortgage offer for their dream home from a high street lender. However, even with their savings, they were still £50,000 short.

They turned to us here at Loan.co.uk to help find them a homeowner loan of £50,000. And boy did we deliver.

We immediately realised they needed to be paired with Together, a specialist loan and mortgage lender, and the perfect choice for their circumstances.

However, there was a problem. Dave was self-employed, and Sarah could only provide payslips from over a year ago to show their income.

Because of this, Together couldn’t offer them the loan, as they had no assurance the couple would be in any position to pay it back. Their dream home hung in the balance.

But we had paired them with Together for a reason. Together could offer them more flexibility than other lenders in situations like this.

We supported the couple in getting an accountant’s certificate showing projected incomes for the next year, and Together were satisfied.

Dave and Sarah received their £50,000 homeowner loan and could go on to buy the house of their dreams.

And the best part? From contacting Loan.co.uk to getting their money, the whole thing only took 4 days!

Find out how much you could borrow using your home equity.

So now you know when we say we offer you the best deals from the best lenders fast, we mean it.

If you need a homeowner loan for a time like this, or if you’re doing home improvements or need to consolidate some debt, you can rely on Loan.co.uk.

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